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Our Crest


The stylized letters F and V that form the integral part of the school’s logo when put together represent the cross section of a fearless head of a lion.

Courageous, bold and strong being the trademarks of a lion, it also symbolises the spirit of Fernvale Primary – “Daring and Courageous”.

Encircling the stylized letters is a solid ring that signifies an all-round, holistic education that Fernvale Primary offers to every student. Enhancing that holistic feel is the use of the colour green to communicate a “nurturing” feel.

At the end of primary school, pupils should:
 - be able to distinguish right from wrong
 - have learnt to share and put others first
 - be able to build friendships with others
 - have a lively curiosity about things
 - be able to think for and express themselves
 - take pride in their work
 - have cultivated healthy habits
 - love Singapore