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Inquiring Minds, Learning Community


To nurture and develop young scientists who aspire to innovate and invent in the global community.

Our Approach


The Science Department leverages on the child’s innate curiosity and subscribes to a pupil-centred programme in which pupils build their scientific understanding and process skills through active inquiry. It encourages the pupil to explore beyond, as an inquirer – asking questions about things around him, testing his ideas and exercising the ethics and attitudes such as responsibility and perseverance. We also aim to inculcate in our pupils the love and care for nature.

SciencExperience @ FVPS
Science learning provides opportunities for our pupils to reinforce science knowledge and develop skills and attitudes for scientific inquiry.

Collaborative Investigation
Pupils learn scientific concepts through hands-on activities. They engage in group work, developing positive attitudes like cooperation responsibility and use scientific process skills to investigate and test ideas.Throughout the inquiry process, key process skills are taught explicitly.

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Beyond the classroom

The teaching and learning of Science extends beyond the classroom where pupils are given opportunities to be engaged in authentic tasks. They also serve to heightened student’s awareness on the importance of care and responsibility of Man towards the environment.

Science Busking @ Recess  

The Science Department provides a platform for our Primary 6 students to conduct experiments and articulate Science concepts confidently to their peers. Our students also encouraged pupils to try out the experiments. This experience definitely deepened conceptual understanding of both the presenters and the participants!


Learning Journeys



Our Primary 6 students at Sungei Boluh Wetland Reserve, spotting organism camouflaged in their habitat and learning more about the adaptations of these oraganisms.


Challenging our young inquirers

Excellence 2000 Programme - Selected P4 students undergo a 2-year Excellence 2000(E2K) programmes to further hone their skills in scientific inquiry.


E2K Challenge where students in the programme showcase their projects during recess

Science Olympiad

Selected P4 & P5 students are highly engaged in the Science Olympiad sessions, where they investigate scientific concepts and extend their learning with higher-order thinking skills, which prepares students for the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO) organized by the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science.


Sony Creative Science Award

The Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) competition inspires pupils to build their creativity in making innovative science toys. This also gave them the opportunity to apply scientific knowledge and process skills. Through such platform, pupils are challenged to develop their sense of inquiry and build positive attitudes to prepare them for life-long learning.