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Inquiring Minds, Learning Community

To nurture and develop young scientists who aspire to innovate and invent in the global community.

Our Approach

The Science Department leverages on the child’s innate curiosity and subscribes to a student-centred learning in which students build their scientific understanding and process skills through active inquiry. It encourages students to explore beyond, as an inquirer – raising questions about things around them, testing their ideas and making evidence-based conclusions. Through scientific inquiry, students will develop the skills, ethics and attitudes such as responsibility and perseverance, which are essential to the Practice of Science.

SciencExperience @ FVPS

Collaborative Inquiry
Students take ownership of the inquiry process as they work together to plan and investigate ideas respectfully and evaluate their results to make a conclusion.

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Joy of Learning

The teaching and learning of Science extends beyond the classroom where students are given opportunities to be engaged in authentic tasks. Students are also engaged in learning through play as they learn and assess their peers’ learning.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Eco-trail @FVPS

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Learning Journeys

P3 & P4 – Singapore Science Centre

P5 – Gardens by the Bay 

Learning through DI Games

Games help to infuse the joy of learning and increase student engagement level to deepen the understanding
on the concepts taught. Teachers designed these games, taking into consideration the readiness level of students and including the opportunity to raise ownership in their learning.

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Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition

Our Primary 6 students took part in the SAFMC Challenge Category A.  In this event, organized by the DSO National Laboratories and Singapore Science Centre and  supported by Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), the teams designed and folded paper planes that aim to achieve the longest, farthest, and most unique flight. The teams learnt through play, demonstrating perseverance and teamwork. 

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Sony Creative Science Award

The Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) competition provides a platform for students to create toys, demonstrating scientific principles. 

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Challenging our Young Inquirers

Excellence 2000 Programme (Science)

The E2K Science Programme is a 2 -year enrichment programme for our Primary 4 students who demonstrate interest and aptitude in Science.  It serves to develop in these students the habits, attitudes and dispositions scientists possess, and gain important 21st century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.  

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Science Olympiad

Selected P4 & P5 students are highly engaged in the Science Olympiad sessions, where they investigate scientific concepts and extend their learning with higher-order thinking skills, which prepares students for the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO) organized by the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science.