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Physical Education


Every Fernvalion a Confident, Thinking and Caring athlete who enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle.




Better Yourself, Live Life Well!

Signature Programmes


Every year, our Primary 4 and Primary 6 pupils take the NAPFA Test.  This test  involves a series of five stations and a 1.6-km Walk-Run for primary school students.  5 stations are attempted on the same day, with a 2–5 minute rest period permitted, and the 1.6km Walk-Run station will be tested on a different day within the next 2 weeks.

The test items are:

  1. Sit-ups: Maximum number of repetitions in one minute
  2. Standing Broad Jump: Better of two attempts
  3. Sit and Reach: Better of two attempts
  4. Inclined Pull-ups (for all females, and males up to the age of 14): 
    Maximum number of repetitions in half-a-minute
  5. Shuttle Run: Faster of two 4×10 metre attempts
  6. 2.4-km/1.6-km Walk-Run: Minimum time taken to complete the distance

The teachers motivate the students with target setting strategies, and students track their performance over time in their School Diary. Students will be able to work on their own progress and performance and strive to work towards a healthier body

2) P3 to P5 Inter-class Games

This annual sports event provide Primary 3, 4 and 5 pupils the opportunity to participate in modified games and sports which are aligned with the PE syllabus to showcase their level of learning and understanding. This platform provides pupils with the opportunity to display the five school values and foster the Olympic spirit of respect, friendship and excellence among our pupils.

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3) P1 & P2 Lower Primary Games Carnival

This annual event aims to allow pupils to have a meaningful Children’s Day. Other than providing games, arts and dance stations for the pupils, the PE department engaged other community partners such as Sengkang Health to educate the pupils about healthy lifestyle through informative games. This is to promote the welfare and well-being of our pupils.

Bouncing Castle Booth - Jump, Jump, Jump!.JPGRedemption Booth - Prizes for everyone!.JPGSengkang Health Booth - Quick Reflexes.JPG
Dance Booth - Just dance!.JPG Art Booth - Dots Garlore!.JPG

4) P6 Games Carnival

This annual post PSLE sports event provide the Primary 6 pupils with a ‘funfair’ like carnival where they were given the ‘voice’ to participate in any activities. While having fun, the pupils were also given an opportunity to demonstrate sportsmanship.  This is also a class-bonding activity for the pupils to working closely together before they graduate and move on to their next phase of life.


5) Play@Recess

To help pupils engage themselves more meaningfully during recess time so as to promote a healthier lifestyle.

6) P4 SwimSafer

Swimming is part of the MOE new Physical Education Syllabus. As such, our school conducts the Swimsafer Programme at Primary 4. The objective of the programme is for our pupils to gain confidence and develop independence in the water, as well as learn general and deep-end water safety.


7) P5 Camp

As part of our school’s holistic education programme, the PE department and the Student Development Team organises a 3-day-2-night camp for the Primary 5 pupils every year. The Annual Primary 5 adventure camp is held at the MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre and it helps to build resilience and camaraderie amongst the pupils and teachers.  Pupils are provided with many opportunities to put on their thinking caps to solve problems and develop their leadership skills.  This is one programme that everyone looks forward to every year.

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