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Mother Tongue Language

Chinese Language


Every Fernvale Pupil an Effective ad Confident User of their Mother Tongue Language and take pride in his/her cultures


M1: To develop our pupils into avid readers, budding writers and effective speakers in their Mother Tongue Language 

through programmes infused with 21st Century Competency skills.

M2: To inculcate in our pupils a sense of love and appreciation of the Language Culture.

Signature Programmes:

1. Chinese New Year Celebration

2. Reading Programme

3. Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

4. Cultural Programme Exposure Scheme (CPES)

5. Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (CCM)

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration is an event where pupils get the opportunities to learn more and appreciate Chinese traditions and culture through participating in cultural activities such as at the booths during recess in the lead-up to the Chinese New Year’s Eve as well as concert items and classroom activities on the actual day of the celebration. The activities include Chinese Calligraphy, quizzes, making of new year cards and lanterns etc. 


Reading Programme

The CL Dept Reading Programme has been rolled out this year and our target audience is the lower primary pupils. Structured time for teachers to carry out the programme has been planned and incorporated into the Scheme of Work. The programme comprises activities such as a story-telling session conducted by our own CL teachers, the making of mini story-book, role-play as well as activity sheets where the children write a

book review and reflect on the learning points gleaned from the programme.


Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme (CL)

P1 to P6 pupils learnt about Chinese culture through interactive activities during MT Fortnight Programme. The age-appropriate activities were fun and interesting. The pupils gave feedback that they had learnt to appreciate the Chinese Culture more after participating in these activities. The activities include Chinese Speech and Drama with Picture Book Making, Chinese Speech and Drama with Rod Puppet Making, Bean Portrait Making,Chinese Fan Painting, Chinese Knots – Keychain making and Chinese Kite Making.


Malay Language

Department Vision

"To produce Arif Budiman "

Department Goal

To enable our pupils to communicate in Malay Language effectively and confidently.
To inculcate the love and appreciation of the Malay Heritage and culture in all pupil.

Department Programmes:


- Cun Bahasa (Personalised Board Game) 

Fernvale ML Department very own board game! Explore Malay language and culture in fun and interactive way! 



Games and Cooperative Learning Strategies

Learning takes place better with cooperative learning strategies implemented in the classrooms. Techniques such as 'round robin' and 'think pair share' enable pupils to interact positively with their classmates. Group presentation enables pupils to take ownership in their own work and increase their interest in learning. Pupils learn from each other and are much more responsible and confident in their language. Learning resources and hands on activities have created a much vibrant environment during lessons.

malay group learning.jpg

ICT is the lifestyle of the younger generation. They are very comfortable using technology. Thus, ICT lessons are interesting and bring excitement to the pupils. Primary 2 pupils have been introduced to the 10M portal and they have been using the portal since the beginning of 2015. Pupils benefited from this portal as they can assess their own learning through recordings and assessment rubrics. 



Primary 1

Making of Bunga Manggar

Primary 2

Making of Bunga Rampai

Primary 3


Primary 4


Primary 5

Wayang Kulit

Primary 6

Cultural Quiz & Expedition

Tamil Language
"Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre." -- Gail Goldwin

Department Vision

The Tamil Language Department’s vision is for every child to take pride of their culture and to be confident and competent users of Tamil Language.

Department Mission

To develop every child into an avid reader, a budding writer and an effective speaker of the Tamil Language through fun and meaningful programmes. To inculcate in every child a love for the Tamil Culture.

Signature Programmes:
1.Reading Race

The reading race programme aims to develop confident readers as well as inculcate in them the love for reading. The programme is conducted daily during curriculum time where pupils do five minutes of silent reading before exchanging their reading cards to bring home to read.  Through this, our pupils have opportunities to learn new vocabulary as well as hone their comprehension skills too.

2.Vaandu Portal

To make the learning of Tamil fun and self-directed, we have subscribed for this learning interactive portal through which our pupils are able to learn and revise their Tamil syllabus content.  The portal covers most aspects of the syllabus illustratively such that it caters to the likes of our young learners.

3.Jewel Time

Jewel Time is a yearly memorable language learning experience time for our pupils with AKT productions.  AKT professional storytellers, public speakers, puppeteers and actors bring the Tamil Language alive to our pupils through their amazing and varied talents.  The pupils go through different experiences depending on their levels, all of which give them an enriching language experience at Fernvale.

    1. Primary 1 – Storytheatre

    2. Primary 2 – Storytelling

    3. Primary 3 – Villuppaatu

    4. Primary 4 – Traditional Tamil Theatres

    5. Primary 5 – Creating An Imaginary World

    6. Primary 6 -  Art of Public Speaking & Poetry Workshop

4. Sorsuvai

To instil the joy in writing and to help our budding writers to feel a sense of  accomplishment, ‘Sorsuvai’ the Tamil Language Magazine was launched last year. We collated our pupils’ best riddles, jokes, poems and stories and compiled them into a ‘Fernvale’ made Tamil magazine at the end of the year.  This magazine served as a good holiday read for our pupils.

5. Cultural Impressions

We believe in having a strong partnership with our parents in our pupils’ educational journey. Thus, every year we invite our parents to share with our pupils their profound knowledge and expertise in the field of Tamil culture. These parents hold workshops or talks on the different aspects of our Tamil Culture, depending on the level they are assigned for. The different aspects are as follows :

    1. Primary 1 – Tamil Traditional Wear

    2. Primary 2 – Tamil Musical Instruments

    3. Primary 3 – Tamil Traditional Food

    4. Primary 4 – Tamil Traditional Crafts

    5. Primary 5 – Tamil Traditional Weddings

    6. Primary 6 – Tamil Sangam Literature

6. Language cum Talent Competitions

We see both the internal and external competitions as good platforms for our pupils to become confident speakers of the Tamil Language.  Hence, our pupils are strongly encouraged to take part in these competitions every year. To ensure that every Tamil child in our school gets an opportunity to take part in a competition, ‘Kavinkalai’ competitions are organised and held yearly.   Over the last few years, ‘Kavinkalai” has gained popularity among our children and it is heartwarming to see an increase in the participation rate.

7. Diwali Dazzle

Our annual ‘Diwali Dazzle’ is another platform that enables our pupils to showcase their hidden talents.  ‘Diwali Dazzle’ is an annual concert which is held on the eve of Deepavali. Within a minimum time span of thirty minutes, our pupils together with our parent volunteers put up marvellous performances during this concert, making it to be the limelight of stage performances at Fernvale every year.

8. Toastmasters In Tamil

The ‘Toastmasters In Tamil’ workshop is designed specially for our Primary 5 pupils.  We are one of the first few schools to implement this programme in Tamil for primary school pupils.  The two day programme serves as a platform for our students to overcome their fear and anxiety towards public speaking and to improve on their public speaking skills.  Pupils are mentored by our very own parent volunteer who has been trained and has several years of experience as a Tamil Toastmaster.