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Innovation and Special Projects

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

The LLP provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self-expression and strengthen their people skills. The LLP may be developed in focus areas such as Community & Youth Leadership, Music & Performing Arts, Visual Arts & Design and Sports & Outdoor Education.

STEM Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) ALP aims to help students appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in the academic curriculum to the real world, and develop stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills.

The contextual theme for STEM ALP at Fernvale Primary School is “Environmental Sustainability”. Environmental sustainability has become an increasingly important area in the recent years with the increasing awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, wastage and pollution.

In STEM ALP, students can apply what they have learnt in STEM to play their part in ensuring environmental sustainability within the school and community.