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Information and Communication Technology


Learning takes place anytime, anywhere in an ICT-enriched environment


Enabling pupils to be self-directed and collaborative learners through the effective and responsible use
of technology

Signature Programmes

Baseline ICT Training

All pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6 in Fernvale Primary School go through ICT Baseline Training. During the 6 years, the following skills are covered:

  • Processing of word documents
  • Using spreadsheet to compute simple data
  • Creating presentation material
  • Searching for information in the world wide web
  • Stitching photographs together into short movie clips
  • Recording, creating and embedding sound/music

E-Learning Portal

All pupils will have an e-learning portal access Student Learning Space. Pupils can read up in advance or do revision on lessons that they are interested in via the portal. They can also complete the interactive activities in the portal as part of their revision. School and teachers also use the portal to assign lessons, test and survey.
The school encourages parents to submit their child(ren)'s travel declaration for the school holidays via the portal. It is part of the school's effort in taking care of the Earth by reducing the amount of papers to be printed. Details on login to the portal will be given to the pupils via the form teachers.
The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has an on-going initiative, the NEU PC Plus Programme, that helps students from low-income families to purchase PCs and/or obtain broadband access at an affordable price.

NeuPC Plus Scheme

The programme provides the following schemes:

  1. The  PC-Bundle  scheme provides a two-tier subsidy for applicants to own a new computer with free software and three years of free subscription to broadband services.

  2. The  iNSPIRE Fund scheme  offers financial assistance to full-time students (aged 25 years and below) who are unable to co-pay for the computer applied under the PC-Bundle scheme.

  3. The  Broadband-Only scheme  offers broadband access, at a subsidised rate, to households that already own computers but are unable to afford broadband subscriptions.

  4. The  Grant Scheme for Schools  allow interested schools to process, procure and deploy Infocomm devices, software or broadband services on behalf of their students from low-income families, so as to meet the schools' and students' learning objectives and needs.

Further information about the individual scheme and the eligibility criteria can be found in the IDA Website . Alternatively, parents may also contact the school’s general office for more details and to obtain the application forms.

Using Tablets for Teaching and Learning 
The evolution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) necessitates new forms of pedagogy in education. Leveraging the myriad affordances of ICT, Fernvale primary has adopt mobile teaching and learning tool to enhance lessons, language proficiency, and deliver new learning experiences for his students. The programme started with equipping an experimental class of 16 with android tablets and also another 29 tablets to the Mother Tongue and PE department. 

Using the tablets, students are able to watch teaching video clips, view slides, participate in quizzes and provide timely feedbacks to their teachers. The social networking functions of the tool also allow students to engage in discussion and interact with their classmates and teachers as part of an effort to integrate real life use of the language into their learning.
Technology-rich activities can sustain high levels of student engagement and peer collaboration compared to less technology focused activities. Mobile learning makes it possible for the teachers to extend education beyond the physical confines of the classroom and beyond the fixed time periods of the school day. It allows students to access content from home, communicate with teachers, and work with other people online. The value of mobile devices is that they allow students to connect, communicate, collaborate and create using rich digital resources.

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Cyberwellness Programme

With the emphasis on raising awareness on the positive well-being of computer and Internet users, the department strives to spread the importance of Cyberwellness on various platforms. Cyberwellness is integrated in the school's CCE Curriculum to ensure that students are exposed to the Cyberwellness messages from young. Our Cyberwellness Ambassadors spread the Cyberwellness messages through assembly talks as well as indoor exhibition. In addition, we also invite Cyberwellness Ambassadors from Secondary Schools over to share their experiences with our pupils on safety on the internet and how to overcome gamming addiction. 

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