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English Language 

Reflective, Eloquent and Confident Users of the English Language


The English Department aims to cultivate reflective, eloquent and confident users of the English Language. Apart from learning about the technicalities of the English Language, the pupils are also encouraged to reflect critically on a multitude of local and global issues during classroom and group discussions. Students are also given many opportunities to share their thoughts with their teachers and peers through different platforms such as journalling, quick write activities, ICT-based platforms or by sharing in class.

Signature Programmes

The teaching approaches and resources in STELLAR are designed to deliver the outcomes of the English Language Syllabus 2010. Through the effective use of engaging strategies, the teachers are empowered to teach the pupils critical life skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

                 Lower Primary                                                                  Upper Primary
STELLAR_chart LP.pngStellar_Chart UP.png

2. Strategies to Activate Readings (StAR) for Primary 1 & 2

StAR is a in-house programme which aims to equip pupils with the skills to:

  • master word recognition and spelling strategies

  • read orally with fluency

  • understand what they are reading

Lessons are conducted daily for half an hour in small groups.

3. PAL - Speech & Drama for Primary 1 & 2

As part of developing the confidence level and public speaking skills in our younger pupils, the Primary 1 and 2 pupils undergo a Speech and Drama module as part of PAL. The pupils are taught presentation skills such as speaking clearly through the proper use of their voice and expressions. The pupils will put up a mini performance for their peers.

4.  Guided Reading Programme for Primary 1 to 3

Through this programme, pupils are exposed to a variety of books to read during Silent Reading periods. It is part of our continuous efforts to encourage the pupils to read widely and cultivate a good reading habit.

5. Little Red Dot & Online Discussions for Primary 4 to 6

To promote a greater awareness of current affairs, the upper primary pupils are encouraged to read the Straits Times and the Little Red Dot (LRD). After reading the LRD, the pupils will go online to take part in online discussions about what they have read. This also promotes collaboration skills amongst pupils.

6. EL Fest

The English Language Fest is an annual event where our students can participate in different activities organised for the respective levels. It is a platform for them to strengthen and showcase their communication skills. Our department aims to inculcate a love for the English language and to encourage our students to be involved in the learning of the language. The teachers are also hoping to spark our students’ interest in the language through fun and engaging activities that extend beyond the classroom. We want our students to know that English can be fun and interesting!