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English Language 


For every child to be a reflective, eloquent and confident user of the English Language


The English Department aims for our students to be reflective, eloquent and confident users of the English Language. Besides learning the technicalities of the English Language, students are also encouraged to reflect critically on a myriad of local and global issues during classroom and group discussions. Students are given various opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions with their teachers and peers by sharing in the classroom, through journalling, quick-write and ICT-based platforms.

Signature Programmes

1.   Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR)
The teaching approaches in STELLAR have been designed to deliver the outcomes of the English Language Syllabus 2020. Through the effective use of strategies for reading speaking, writing and listening, teachers are empowered to build on the students’ foundational understanding of the English Language and to teach them critical life skills.

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2. Extensive Reading

The Extensive Reading Programme is conducted during curriculum once a week. Students are exposed to a variety of books and are given half an hour to read their storybooks or go to the library with their teachers to read and borrow their books. The programme aims to inculcate a love for reading and for our students to build on their reading proficiency. 

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3. Primary 1 to 3 Guided Reading Programme

The Guided Reading Programme is a part of our continuous effort to encourage students to read widely and cultivate good reading habits. 

4. P1 to P3 Literacy Programme

The P1 to P3 Literacy programme aims to engage our students to learn language in a fun and interactive manner with the use of English Language games.

5. P4 and P5 Critical Thinking Programmes

To promote greater awareness of global issues and current affairs, the upper primary students are encouraged to read the Little Red Dot in Primary 4 and 5, and What’s Up in Primary 6. Students take part in online discussions and engage in classroom discussions based on the newspaper articles.

6. Strategies to Activate Reading (StAR) for Primary 1 and 2

StAR, is an in-house programme that is conducted daily for half an hour in small groups. It aims to equip students with the skills to:

-          Master word recognition and spelling strategies

-         Read aloud in a fluent manner

-         Comprehend what they are reading

7.  English Fiesta

The English Fiesta is an annual celebration of the English Language. It aims to inculcate a love for the English Language and to encourage students to be involved in the learning of the language. Students are engaged in fun activities that extend beyond the classroom. It is also a platform for students to develop and showcase their communication skills. We want our students to know that the English Language can be fun and interesting!

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