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Character and Citizenship Education Department


To inculcate values in students and build their competencies to be righteous individuals and useful citizens


Every Fernvalion will be a citizen of character who cares for the global environment and community

Three Big Ideas in CCE

The three overarching big ideas of Identity, Relationships and Choices are the core concepts to develop Fernvalions. Identity: Having a sense of identity, to know one’s strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness and understand their roles and responsibilities in the society. This allows Fernvalions to have self- awareness and self- management.
Relationship: Forming connections with people in a meaningful and respectful manner. Having social awareness and manage relationships well with others.
Choices: Applying our values, making decisions and acting on them in a responsible way.

Our CCE Framework

MissionTo inculcate values in students and build their competencies to be righteous individuals and useful citizens
ProgrammesForm Teacher Guidance Period, Student Integration Programme, Student Leadership, Programme for Active Learning, Cyberwellness, Education and Career Guidance, Social Studies, National Education, Values Talk Assembly, Values in Action and CCE Lessons
 AssessmentNE/CE Quiz, RTSEC, Values Award and Conduct Grade Assessment 
 OutcomesAll Fernvalions to be involved citizens, lifelong learners and confident students 

Our CCE Structure


Citizenship Education
A) National Education and Social Studies

The National Education and Social Studies (NESS) Committee comprises two sections, National Education and Social Studies.

National Education is part of holistic education. It aims to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and instil in our students confidence in our nation’s future. It also emphasises cultivating a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore.

The Social Studies curriculum aims to develop the civic competencies of our students by the end of a full course in Social Studies education. Civic competencies, which encompass the relevant knowledge about issues, critical and reflective thinking skills and values, will empower students to be informed, concerned and participative citizens for the world they live in.

Key Events:

  1. Total Defence Day

  2. International Friendship Day

  3. Racial Harmony Day

  4. National Day

  5. National Education Ambassador Programme

  6. National Education Show

  7. National Education Cove Visits

B) Student Integration Programme (SIP)

Student Integration Programme in FVPS seeks to be the platforms for social integration and gives students from all walks of life and nationalities the opportunity to interact with and learn from one another. The activities will ensure that our students are able to mix well with other nationalities and appreciate different cultures. Activities will also aid international students and permanent residents to adjust to studying and living in Singapore and have a better understanding of the local cultures and social norms.
The various activities organised during major events also help our local students to build their cross-cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity. With that, international students and permanent residents can form meaningful friendships with the local students as well as foster and deepen an emotional attachment to Singapore.

Social Emotional Learning

A) Form Teacher Guidance Period
Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) aims to provide quality interaction time between form teachers and students and to equip students with social and emotional competencies. Besides the weekly lessons, there is a 1-1 interaction time for every Fernvalion.

One uniqueness of the school's FTGP programme is the incorporation of Self Leadership Training for all Fernvalions. This is a 4-session programme that is carried out by the form teachers every term.

Outline of the Self Leadership Programme

  • Primary 1 - Learning What I Am Good At

  • Primary 2 - Describing Myself

  • Primary 3 - Knowing Friends

  • Primary 4 - Working With Friends

  • Primary 5 - The Effective Leader In Me

  • Primary 6 - Leading My Friends



B) Cyberwellness
The goal of cyberwellness lessons is to equip Fernvalions with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users of Information Communications Technology. Lessons are delivered via FTGP and assembly talks are given every term.
Parents, being our stakeholders, are also given tip sheets every term to reinforce what is being taught during assembly.

C) Education and Career Guidance
Education and Career Guidance is about equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work. Lessons are delivered via FTGP and learning journeys are organised to allow Fernvalions to be aware of their own skills and strengths, to know the arrays of industries and occupations that are available and to know the educational pathways that they can consider.

Key Events:

1. Singapore Art Museum

2. Mediacorp Visits

3. Career Talks

D) Student Leadership

In FVPS, we believe that every Fernvalion has the capacity and capability to be a leader. Our programmes are developed such that every Fernvalion will be trained to be a leader and they will have opportunities and platforms to lead. Some platforms include classroom leaders, CCA leaders and prefects. Various positions are created within the classrooms and CCAs for pupils to demonstrate their leadership quality.

Prefects are chosen at the end of Primary 3 and will undergo a customised training programme to be an effective leader.

Training Outlines for Prefects
Primary 4Communication and Collaboration
Primary 5Relationship Building
Primary 6Empowerment and Relationship Management 



E) Programme For Active Learning
The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) gives greater emphasis on non-academic programmes within the curriculum as the programmes facilitate well-rounded development of students in the moral, social, physical, aesthetic and emotional dimensions of learning and provide another effective platform to develop life-skills via exposure to broad range activities for all Primary 1 and 2 students. In PAL, students are exposed to varied and fun learning experiences in four domains: Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Students learn socio-emotional competencies such as respecting others and responsible decision making. PAL nurtures confidence, curiosity and cooperation skills in students.

Values Education
A) Character and Citizenship Education Lessons
CCE lessons focus on the teaching of values, knowledge and skills in Mother Tongue languages. For pupils who are exempted from Mother Tongue, CCE lessons are conducted in English. Besides the CCE lessons delivered by teachers, every Fernvalion is also given a take- home project at the end of Term 2 which focuses on our school values. Each level will focus on their level value.

  • Primary 1 and 2 students carry out values-driven projects in Term 3

  • Primary 3 students complete a journal based on the value of Responsibility

  • Primary 4 students complete a journal based on the value of Graciousness

  • Primary 5 students complete a Powerpoint presentation based on the value of Integrity

  • Primary 6 students complete a Powerpoint presentation based on the value of Resilience


B) Values In Action

The VIA experience is for the whole school with different experiences for different student segments. The following are examples of the VIA experience:

  • Food from the Heart is a food donation conducted at the beginning of each year to coincide with the Chinese New Year celebrations to provide an opportunity for the whole school to donate food items. Students’ thoughts about the donation drive will be collected during the review of each year’s collection drive.

  • P3 to P6 canteen cleaning conducted during the last five minutes of each recess heightens the awareness of the responsibility for students to keep their environment clean.

  • Cleanest classroom awards are given to deserving classes each semester to encourage students to maintain classroom cleanliness.

  • Values Award is a critical part of our assessment on the impact of students’ experience. Students are nominated by teachers based on a set of criteria aligned with our school values.

  • Friends of Singa is a project organized by the Singapore Kindness Movement that allows a group of Primary 5 students to make use of the Design Thinking framework to design a kindness project that reaches out to the school population.

  • Primary 5 students are encouraged to initiate VIA projects that will benefit the school.