Every Pupil to be confident and courageous individual


To inspire interested pupils to gain a better understanding and appreciation towards Wushu and Chinese culture 

Wushu is considered a “performing sport”, consisting elements that are characteristic to both the sports and performing arts. Wushu is derived from Chinese martial arts and it teaches “Wu De”(武德), which is the martial code of conduct. Learners and practitioners of Wushu are expected to display excellence in their moral character and to uphold integrity and moral courage at all times. Wushu improves one’s flexibility, speed, strength, coordination and endurance. It also instils discipline and respect for others and for oneself. Unlike any other contact sport, Wushu is considered relatively safe due to its performance nature. It is gaining popularity nationwide as more parents and students are coming to recognize the b
enefits that learning Wushu could reap, be in terms of health or character development.It is truly an emerging sport to be enjoyed by all students.


Monday2:00pm to 4:00pm (School Team)
Friday2:00pm to 4:00pm (School Team/CCA Team)

Ms Cherie Ang (OIC)
Mr Chua Lee Guan                 
Mdm Teo Ching Wee              
Ms Jeyananthini d/o Jeyapal    



  • 5th placing Junior girl Nan Dao
  • 5th placing Junior girl Nan Quan
  • 3rd placing Senior girl Nan Quan
  • 3rd  placing Junior boy 4 Duan Cudgel
  • 4th placing Senior girl Nan Dao
  • 4th placing Junior girl Broadsword
  • 5th placing Junior girl Sword
  • 1st placing Senior Division Boys 4 - Duan Cudgel
  • 2nd placing Senior Division Boys Nanquan (Southern Fist)
  • 3rd placing Junior Division Girls Sword
  • 3rd placing Junior Division Girls Changquan
  • 4th placing Senior Division Girls Broadsword
  • 6th placing Senior Division Girls Cudgel
  • 6th placing Senior Division Girls 4- Duan sword
  • 7th placing Senior Division Girls CHangquan
  • 9th placing Senior Division Girls 1st International Nan Dao
  • 9th placing Group category Quanshu
  • 12th placing Senior Division Girls 5 -  Duan Changquan
  • 13th placing Senior Division Girls 5- Duan Nanquan
  • 18th placing Junior Division Boys 5 -  Duan Changquan