The Guzheng is one of the oldest chinese musical instruments known. There are many techniques used in the playing of the guzheng, including basic plucking actions (right or both hands) at the right portion and pressing actions at the left portion (by the left hand to produce pitch ornamentations and vibrato) as well as tremolo (right hand). 

Guzheng CCA was started in 2009 to allow our pupils to learn about the Chinese culture through the Aesthetics. The CCA has been popular among our pupils and sign up rate is consistently at a high. Though it is a CCA that seem to attract more girls and boys, we have had boys represent the school in our SYF presentations before.

In our first attempt at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging in 2010, we were awarded the Bronze Award. In 2012, we were awarded the Silver Award at SYF. For the 2014 and 2016 SYF presentation, our team managed to clinch the Certificate of Accomplishment, 2018 our team managed to clinch the Certificate of Distinction  according to the new award system. Our Guzheng pupils practised very hard for this presentation, and it has been a wonderful experience for them as well.

Every Monday and Wednesday 2:00pm to 4.00pm

Mdm Ong Li Ting Ms Neo Sian Yin
Mrs Panier Mrs Gupta



2010SYF Bronze
2012SYF Silver
 2014-2016 Certificate of Accomplishment
 2018 Certificate of Distinction