Green Club

Green Club 2019

Members contributed actively to the environment and community through simple acts of green. Pupils will be the ambassadors for a number of initiatives in support of the 3Rs, energy and water conservation and waste management. The pupils were engaged through fun and meaningful activities during the CCA sessions. They were given platforms to share environmental projects and advocate greening efforts during school and community events. 
Pupils were given opportunities to work as a team and be innovative in coming up with environmental solutions in solving real life issues.

Green Club - World Water Day 2019

In term 1, our Green Club members created prototypes with microbit programming that can remind people of water-saving habits. On World Water Day 2019, we witnessed the microbits in action, providing solutions to real-world problems. We truly believe this process would spur student engagement and drive coding achievement, which is integral to building 21st century skills


Friday2:00pm to 4:15pm


Mdm Shanthi
Ms Nanthini 

World Water Day 2019 Rehearsal

World Water Day Celebration 2019


Green Club - Plastic Campaign

WWF conducted a plastic workshop for our green club members. The members brainstormed various ideas and had a clearer understanding of what campaigning is about. They also had some campaigning ideas to lead on from the brainstorming session. 

Students came together to define their project more clearly and set goals and outcomes. They got into groups to brainstorm ideas about many things related to plastic waste. Pupils finally decided on having a plastic challenge in our school. After much brainstorming, they decided to reduce and refuse the use of straws both in school and out of school.

Pupils brainstorming ideas in groups!


Plastic Campaign - Pupils giving their feedback during recess!


Green Club – Learning Journey to Kok Fah Technology Farm

Pupils visited the Kok Fah farm to:

  1. understand the use of different parts of the plants through real-life experience
  2. find out how Science can be used to counter the challenges we face in Singapore
  3. experience learning that aligns with Science and Social Studies syllabus
  4. experience sensorial learning through five sense
  5. earn how technology advancement helps in easing farming processes and easing farmers’ task




  • Worldwater Day Celebration 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Earth Day Celebration 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Sharing on upcycling at Sengkang Methodist Childcare 2015
  • Sharing on Kokedama at Sengkang West CC Sharing 2015
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  • Sharing on Food Waste Minimisation at School Green Day 2017
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