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CCA Charter, Philosophy and Goals

Our Philosophy and Goals

CCA is an integral part of our school’s effort to provide a holistic education for our pupils. At Fernvale Primary School, we believe that:

1.      Every Child is Important

2.      Every Child is Unique


The CCA Programme aims to:

-          provide a platform for character development and facilitate development of social-emotional competencies

-          allow our pupils to learn CCA-related skills and concepts

-          cultivate a passion for sports and the aesthetics,

-          provide opportunities for the pupils to serve and to contribute to the school,

-          allow each and every child to maximize their potential.


Approach & Delivery

Values-education and development of Social-Emotional Competencies remain the key focus in our CCA delivery, on top of providing opportunities to acquire games and instruments-related skills sets.

All P3 to P6 pupils are highly encouraged to be involved in a CCA. The CCAs may be conducted by an external instructor, in the presence of the school staff; or by school staff deployed to conduct the CCA.

For Sports CCAs, we seek to provide opportunities for every child to play in a game setting. This is delivered in the form of intra-CCA carnivals, inter-school carnivals and Zonal and National Inter-School competitions.

For Aesthetics and Special Groups, we seek to provide various platforms for the child to perform or showcase their talents. This could come in the form of school assembly sessions, community programmes, representing the school in SYF judging or national and international performances.

Signing up for a CCA

At the Primary 3 level, all pupils will be given the opportunity to make their top 3 choices for CCA through our annual Online CCA Option Exercise. The pupils will then be informed of their allocated CCA through the CCA teachers-in-charge or their form teachers.

CCA selection for P3 pupils takes place in Semester 1. All P3 pupils will commence their CCA as new members only in Semester 2.

For pupils who are transferred into the school, they will be given a CCA option form. The form is to be handed to the form teacher and the pupils will commence their CCA involvement once allocated one.

There may be cases where the child chooses or is selected to be in more than one CCA due to various reasons. The child would have to be able to manage and cope with the demands of school work and the physical requirements of participating in more than one CCA. The form teacher and CCA teachers-in-charge would communicate with the parents to affirm that.

Once a pupil is allocated a CCA, the child is expected to fulfil their CCA commitment for the full academic year. Changing CCAs is also highly discouraged as commitment and dedication to a CCA is something we want to educate the pupils. Only in cases which warrant special attention will the school look into requests for change of CCAs.


Consent Forms

Consent forms are issued by the CCA teachers on a per term basis.

-          Attendance is compulsory at every CCA session.

-          All reply slips must be returned to the CCA teachers-in-charge before the child attends the CCA sessions.

-          If the pupil were to be absent from a CCA session, a medical certificate or a letter from the parent is necessary.

-          On sessions where the child is not present for CCA without prior notice, the teachers-in-charge will call the parents to verify the pupil’s absence.


Change of CCA (in cases which warrant attention)

Procedures for change of CCA

1.      Inform teachers from existing CCA. CCA teachers may call the parents to confirm the reasons for the change / quitting the CCA.

2.      Parents to fill up the CCA withdrawal form (to be submitted to teachers-in-charge of existing CCA) and cleared by the HOD PE/Sports.

3.      Upon approval, for Primary 3 pupils, the pupil will be placed on the waiting list of their new choice CCA, and will only join in the next semester, also depending on the availability of vacancies in their chosen CCA, unless the case warrants special attention.

4.      For Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils, they will need to complete their CCA involvement for the full academic year and will be placed on waiting list for the choice CCA. The pupil will then join the new CCA the following year.

If a pupil’s attendance falls below 70% of the total number of sessions in a year, participation in the CCA would not be reflected. 

Parents could also notify the school through the General Office @ 6315 3501 in cases of emergencies.